Intel Delid Service

The Intel Delid service allows for reduced temperatures which in turn will allow for lower fan speeds or even higher overclocking potential. Temperatures can be reduced anywhere from 8c-25c. Special tools are used to delid and re-apply the Intel IHS in a safe manor. CoolLaboratories Liquid Pro thermal paste is used on the CPU die for best results. If another thermal paste brand is desired; you can provide your own thermal paste.

The risk of damaging a CPU is VERY low due to the special delid tools used but that risk is always present. This process voids the Intel warranty and I also provide no warranty at all.

Currently the delid service can be done on Intel Ivy Bridge, Haswell, Devils Canyon, Sky Lake, Kaby Lake processors and Coffee Lake. Basically the Intel 3000, 4000, 6000, 7000 and 8000 series processors. 


Intel CPU Delid Service packages:

-Free return shipping on Service 2 and 3 with CPU that are mailed in. Shipped through USPS and must be within the USA.

Service 1: Delid Only (no cleaning or thermal paste, you need to do that part) - $20
Service 2:
Delid, Clean, Apply Liquid Pro to CPU die, Reseal - $60 ($100 for x299)
Service 3:
Baseline test the CPU, Delid, Clean, Apply Liquid Pro to CPU die, Reseal, Re-test and record thermal performance gains - $80 ($120 for x299)



1: Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut - Free Option with Service 2 and 3
- Replaces the use of Coollabs Liquid Pro on the CPU die.
2: IHS Lapping Service: Resurface the CPU IHS (metal lid) and use Conductonaut - Additional $20
- IHS is resurfaced on a certified flat granite block and finished in 2000 grit wet sandpaper. Can provide up to an additional 5c drop in temperature when done with a Delid.
- Upgrade to Conductonaut included