REMISCS Computers are Custom Built for your exact use. The system categories below are guidelines to help start the configuration process. All REMISCS Computers are focused on being fast, reliable and as quiet as possible. The focus is on designing a system for your current needs then also making sure that it can adapt to potential future needs and technologies. All REMISCS Computers feature the fastest processors and SSD drives for blazing fast performance. CPU Overclocking is also available on certain systems for even more performance. The goal is customer service and building a system you are proud to own!


Designed to play the newest games, these systems offer serious gaming performance and reliability with an upgrade path in mind. Whether you're a casual gamer to professional gamer and streamer; your system will be configured for your use. Includes standard warranty.
Starting at $1213
VR Ready start at $1543


These systems are tuned for your applications! Reliability is the top priority. I consider your software such as architecture, engineering, machine learning, photo/video editing, DAW, E-Trading and more to make intelligent system configurations. Includes standard warranty.
Starting at $1986


Designed for heavy multitasking with the programs in use at your business! Having a fast and reliable computer in your office will increase productivity and decrease stress. The key difference in these systems are the SSD drives and high quality components over normal office systems. Includes standard warranty.
Starting at $1223


Designed for fast and reliable performance with web browsing, HD video playback, light photo/video editing, and more. Parts are chosen for your specific needs. These systems are designed with higher quality components than your usual home PC. Includes standard warranty. 
Starting at $930