I am putting a temporary pause on delids due to being busy with computer builds. Once that slows down I will resume offering delids. In the meantime, please contact Rockitcool and let them know I sent you to them for a delid. They have done delids for their customers in the past.


Intel Delid Service

The Intel delidding service allows for temperature reductions of 8c-25c. This allows for lower fan speeds or higher overclocking. Many liquid cooling solutions can not match the temp. drop a delid provides and a liquid cooler cost more than a delid!

Special tools are used to delid and re-apply the Intel IHS in a safe manor. CoolLaboratories Liquid Pro liquid metal is used on the CPU die for best results. Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut is also on hand as an alternative. The Rockitcool Copper IHS is standard on all delids unless noted.

Currently the delid service can be done on Intel Ivy Bridge, Haswell, Devils Canyon, Sky Lake, Kaby Lake, Coffee Lake and Skylake-X. Basically the Intel 3000, 4000, 6000, 7000 and 8000 series processors. 

delid 2.jpg

Intel CPU Delid Service:

Delid, Clean, Apply Liquid Pro to CPU die, Install Rockitcool IHS, Reseal
-Mainstream CPU (z170, z270, z370, etc)
$80 Shipped
within Contiguous US (Lower 48)
-2066 x299 CPU (7800x to 7980xe)
$150 Shipped within Contiguous US (Lower 48)

What Does A Delid Look Like?

Here is a recent live delid I did on my twitch.tv/remiscstv channel. The start of the stream is an i5 8600k delid using the CNC copper IHS from Rockitcool and then we end with the i9 7900x delid with a pre-production CNC copper IHS from Rockitcool.