Intel Delid FAQ

Q: What is the turnaround time for a Delid?
A: Usually the CPU is heading back the next day it is received except for certain weekend arrival times or holidays. FedEx ground is normally used. Faster shipping is available as an upgrade. 

Q: Does the Delid Service Void the Intel Warranty?
A: Yes. Technically so does overclocking.

Q: Do you provide a warranty?
A: Yes and No. I warranty the reseal. If the IHS ever comes off at some time I will reseal it for free, ship it to me and I cover return shipping. I also warranty against physical damage while performing the delid. I DO NOT WARRANTY THE CPU for anything other than those two scenarios.
(If I do a workstation or gaming build that includes the delid service, only then will I warranty the CPU for 1 year.)

Q: Will the CPU need to have the liquid metal thermal compound re-applied in a year ot two?
A: At this point the data shows no. I have been delidding for a little over 2 yrs now and have not had anyone mention performance loss over time. My in house test units show the same performance as they had when I first did them.

Q: What kind of temperature reductions should I expect?
A: Depending on many factors, 8-25C reduction in temps. Keep in mind a CPU at stock speed will see about 5-10c drop but the same CPU at say 4.8ghz will usually see something like a 12-25c drop. SO MANY variables play into temp. drops.

Q: Is return shipping covered?
A: Yes, return shipping with insurance is covered in the price quoted except for Service 1 (The delid and no cleaning or reseal service). I use USPS small flat rate priority boxes which advertise 2-3 days.

Q: How do I ship you the CPU?
A: Once an invoice number is issued the shipping address is provided. Ideally the CPU should be placed in the factory plastic Intel CPU holder your CPU came with. Ideally a box should be used (such as USPS flat rate box or similar) or a bubble padded envelope at the minimum. Please include padding of some sort to ensure the CPU does not pop out of the Intel holder. Taping the plastic Intel CPU holder closed is not a bad idea either.

Q: I dont have the intel CPU holder, what do I do?
A: An anti-static bag will work well. Same one that your motherboard or video card came in will help protect the CPU. I can always mail you one. I have received CPU in small zip lock bags and they have been fine too.