YouTube: I am AI Docuseries, Episode 1: AI with the Heart of a Composer - AIVA

I would like to share this video from Nvidia that has been posted on YouTube. I have been following Nvidia and their advances in Artificial Intelligence (Ai). I know Ai will be changing and already is changing the world we live in. Many people do not realize it but I think it is exciting and this video shows it. I hope you enjoy the video as much as I did! Source link below. 

News: [H]ardOCP Reviews AMD Threadripper Specific AIO by Enermax

Enermax has been the first to release a proper AIO solution for the AMD Threadripper platform offering the AMD TR die full coverage. [H]ardOCP now seems to be the first (that I have seen) to offer a review of the cooler. Good news is is did very good at cooling the 16 cores of the 1950x. Check the source link below or click the image to see their review! Newegg also has these units for sale as well.

News: OC3D Reported PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS broke over 1 million Concurrent Players!

Wow this is big news as PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS is still technically beta but it is Steam's #1 most played game with almost double the current players as CS:GO!! Check out OC3D for the full article as they are a great source of news. Also, my Gaming GS1 system in the gaming section is fully capable of playing this game on 1080p!