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News: [H]ardOCP Reviews AMD Threadripper Specific AIO by Enermax

Enermax has been the first to release a proper AIO solution for the AMD Threadripper platform offering the AMD TR die full coverage. [H]ardOCP now seems to be the first (that I have seen) to offer a review of the cooler. Good news is is did very good at cooling the 16 cores of the 1950x. Check the source link below or click the image to see their review! Newegg also has these units for sale as well.

News: Official AMD ZEN Performance Teaser!!

AMD today released this ZEN teaser on YouTube and I would sum this video up with a quote from Senior VP & CTO Mark Papermaster "We are back!". Inside this clip it shows the 8core16thread ZEN CPU rendering just a hair faster than the Intel i7 6900k (downclocked so both are at 3.0ghz). While the 6900k was downclocked, I was not expecting these gains! AMD please dont over hype like Bulldozer, please be this awesome!

News: AMD Announces Next Generation Radeon PRO WX Video Cards!

Today AMD announced their new workstation line of video cards based off of Polaris; the Radeon PRO WX series which stands for workstation experience. The current line up includes the WX7100, WX5100 and WX4100. AMD stated that all three cards will be under $1000 as well. PCper covered the news and click the image or source link for their write up on it.

News: Nvidia GTX 1060 has been Released!

Looks like Nvidia took the covers off the GTX 1060 today! The Founders Edition will sell for $299.99 but the partner cards will be as low as $249.99. From the reviews already out, it looks like it beats the AMD RX 480 across the board except for a benchmark here n there. Overall a great card but with NO SLI support; will this be a card people will choose over the RX 480? Click on the photos to be taken to the Nvidia site.

Check out the Review put out by JayzTwoCents on YouTube for a comparison with the RX 480 as well!