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News: MSI Releases a VR Boost Kit

Guru3d breaking the news on the new MSI VR Boost Kit! Basically it allows you to use one of your 5.25" drive bays (CD/DVD bay) to install their kit which adds an HDMI and two USB 3.0 connectors. This will allow you to connect and disconnect your VR gear without trying to get to the rear connections. Click the picture for the MSI page or the source link below for the Guru3d link.

News: Microsoft pays $10,000 after unwanted Windows 10 upgrade!

I am actually surprised this is the first time we are hearing someone sue Microsoft over this practice but Guru3D covered the story. Basically this business owner received the Windows 10 upgrade, she said it was unwanted and caused many issues. Microsoft could not help her fix the problem so she sued. They settled out of court for $10k. Not bad, but who is next? Read the article from Guru3D by clicking the photo or the source link.

News: GTX 1070 and 1080 DVI Pixel Clock Issues by Guru3d

Guru3d is reporting an issue with the GTX 1070 and GTX 1080. They report that you may have issues booting into windows if you have a monitor refresh rate of greater than 81hz AND are using the DVI port. The temporary fix is to just use Display Port or boot into windows safe mode and switch the refresh rate to 60hz or below 81hz. Click the photo or source link for their full repot.