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Review: The New Titan X (Pascal) is Here!! Check out these numbers!

The Nvidia GTX Titan X (Pascal) is here! Spoiler alert: It is the best card money can buy but at $1200 it is not for the faint of heart! Check out these video reviews! If you plan on purchasing one you need to get it from the Nvidia site where it is currently sold out as of today. At least at this point we wont see it at Newegg and other sites.

YouTube Spotlight: Nvidia GTX 970 SLI vs 980ti vs Titan X
  • To SLI or Not; That is the question. My official answer is never SLI if there is a single card solution that offers similar performance. Some games simply don't support it or is scales poorly; not to mention the heat output of two cards vs one. Even if the GPU temps are okay, you will be surprised how quickly a room can warm up with that much heat output. 
  • In this video Jay (JayzTwoCents) does a great job at showing us the performance of a 970 SLI vs 980ti vs Titan X. Video source link is below as well.
  • Comment below if you have thoughts or questions, enjoy!