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YouTube Spotlight: RYZEN is HERE! So is it good? Tech City and Linus Tech Tips Share Results!

Ryzen is here and AMD is back on the performance radar! It is not black and white though; as of right now the reviews show it is killer for CPU rendering and multi-tasking but when it comes to gaming, the 7700k is still a good choice. If the 7700k pricing stays at the $300-$330 pricing I think for strictly gaming only; it is the CPU to get. If you render or have high CPU multi-tasking needs then the Ryzen R7 series may be the ticket. This can all change once the 6 core 1600 series releases later this year. What a great year to be into PC hardware!!

 I want to thank Brian of Tech City (left 1700x video) and Linus of Linus Tech Tips (right 1800x video) for doing a great job on their reviews. Clicking the videos will let you select the youtube channel the video is from.

YouTube Spotlight: Why Don't Multiple GPUs Scale Properly?

Check out this explanation by Linus on Techquickie as to why there are SLI and CF scaling issues. I am a fan personally of single card setups because not every game or application will use both video cards. I only recommend SLI/CF once you already own the most powerful single GPU and have no choice but to add another. Click the video to play it or the source link below.

YouTube Spotlight: SSD Flash Memory - MLC, TLC and SLC by Techquickie

So what is the difference between MLC, TLC and SLC SSDs? Check the video to hear Linus explain the differences. While MLC and SLC might have more write cycles, during torture testing it has been found that TLC SSD drives will easily last over 10 years for normal users before they would ever run out of write cycles. At the end of the day it all comes down to budget.