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News: OC3D Reports Microsoft is Blocking Win 7 and Win 8.1 Updates on Ryzen and Kaby Lake Systems

Mark at Overclock3D reports that Microsoft is clamping down and blocking updates for Windows 7 and 8.1 systems running a AMD Ryzen, AMD Bristol Ridge and Intel Kaby Lake CPUs. It has been known that these CPU were not officially supported by the older operating systems; it just shows that some users need to be careful with their new computer purchases. 

YouTube Spotlight: RYZEN is HERE! So is it good? Tech City and Linus Tech Tips Share Results!

Ryzen is here and AMD is back on the performance radar! It is not black and white though; as of right now the reviews show it is killer for CPU rendering and multi-tasking but when it comes to gaming, the 7700k is still a good choice. If the 7700k pricing stays at the $300-$330 pricing I think for strictly gaming only; it is the CPU to get. If you render or have high CPU multi-tasking needs then the Ryzen R7 series may be the ticket. This can all change once the 6 core 1600 series releases later this year. What a great year to be into PC hardware!!

 I want to thank Brian of Tech City (left 1700x video) and Linus of Linus Tech Tips (right 1800x video) for doing a great job on their reviews. Clicking the videos will let you select the youtube channel the video is from.