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About REMISCS Computer Systems:

REMISCS Computer Systems are hand built in Henderson, NV using premium grade components resulting in high performance, reliability and quiet operation. All parts are picked for your intended use resulting in a true custom built system. Every computer system is stress tested and benchmarked to ensure proper performance and reliability. At REMISCS the focus is on customer service, excellent communication and delivering a system you are proud to own.


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Purchase Experience:

  • Computer System Consultation and finalize parts list
  • Assemble System (professional cable management)
  • Install newest motherboard BIOS
  • Install Windows and set up admin account
  • Install newest drivers for hardware
  • Perform initial benchmarks to validate stock performance
  • Overclock CPU (available option on many builds)
  • Set fan speeds for ideal cooling and sound profile
  • Stress test system at full load to ensure reliable performance
  • Benchmark system to verify final performance
  • Quality control check before boxing system for pickup/shipping

Remis Computer Solutions Warranty
Workstations: 2 Years Labor Warranty
Gaming: 1 Year Labor Warranty

  • 1 or 2 years labor warranty for troubleshooting and repair work performed at Remis Computer Solutions (REMISCS)
  • Parts are covered by the manufacturer warranty of the part
  • See Details by clicking the "REMISCS Warranty Details" Button Below